00Julianna Standing Cloud5'7G12
22Zaysiah Zephier 5'8 11
55Mataya Kezena5'7G/F10
1010Hawk Bair5'7G10
1515Chernessa Cournoyer 5'6G11
2121Eillana Blue5'6G11
2222Conceta Zephier5'8G/F9
2323Ashleigh Wabasha5'7G12
2424Talese Bruguier 5'6G10
3131Justine Blue5'6G/F12
3232Kimimina Drapeau6'1C11
3333Olivia Tiger6'0F/C10
3434Markayla Yellow Horse6'0C12
3535Audree Ironelk 5'6F12
5050Mishayla Gobert6'0F/C12
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